Thursday, August 18, 2011

How does our garden grow??

         Back in May, Jim and I cleaned out an old garden area of the yard and planted our first "real" garden here in the USA.  We had one that lasted one season at our Munda house when Jeffrey and Emily were small by carting soil from the bush to cover over the coral base left over from World War II.  Another attempt at a garden was at our Honiara house in 2000 which was planted just before we were evacuated due to the ethnic conflict and didn't get back for 14 months. We never saw the "fruit of our labor" for that garden. 
So it has been exciting to see this empty ground fill up with plants

and produce.

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 We enjoyed fresh peas and a couple of peppers and currently have an abundance of summer squash and cucumbers. We are waiting for more of  the tomatoes to ripen.   It is always nice to find people without a garden to share with and I even found a recipe for a summer squash coffee cake/ bread. 

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